So, you’re attempting to search out the right dark sunglasses, a combination that not solely deflects the glare and keeps you from closed however conjointly turns your vogue up a notch. An honest place to start is by determining your face form.

I know: You’ve detected this before. Maybe you’ve stared into the mirror, attempting to translate that form you see there. Is that AN oval or a rectangle? You will have detected your face known as a circle by one person.

Which is it?

Faces are usually a small amount of a mixture that will morph a small amount as you grow old, gain or slim, amendment your hair or grow a beard. However, there’s a basic form and — little question regarding it — matching that form to the proper combination of dark glasses will create a world of distinction.

In the end, finding the most effective men’s dark glasses for you is regarding finding wherever your vogue and temperament meet with frame shapes that blandish your face.

Square face sunglasses

A square-shaped face is regarding as wide because it is long, with an sq. jawline — not a nasty hunt for a bloke

An sq. the face will rock darker sunglass frames with a lot of efficient silhouettes. Given your angles, you’ll be able to conjointly flee with rounder lenses, diluents frames and a lot of changing your frames.

Elijah Wood’s face could be an excellent example of an sq. With age, his angular jawline might soften however at once he will realize the incarnate pure mathematics of aviators further as spherical lenses in retro-style dumb show frames of different colours.

Green lenses in amber frames, for instance, or pale grey-blue lenses in tortoiseshell look nice on sq. Faces.

If you have got an sq, face, what you don’t need to try and do is mirror it with too boxlike frames. Shades with a bit curve or slant, a bit a lot of horizontal than vertical streamlining — those are your best bet. Outsized frames will swallow you up.

Round face form

This silhouette incorporates a ton in common with the sq. Face. Dominant characteristics a dimension capable length. However, weight gain or age might soften an sq. Jawline and switch it spherical. As with the square, your face is spherical, and it’s best to avoid something too massive.

Look for shades that balance those curves with straight lines. Thin, dark horizontal shades with a bit curve at every finish typically blandish a spherical face form. While it’s best to avoid excellent circles, the light curve of aviators might look nice on you.

Heart face sunglasses

Sometimes named as “triangle,” which means an inverted triangle, the unsubdivided face incorporates a broad forehead tapering to a pointed chin. Suppose Barack Obama and applied scientist DiCaprio in his younger days.

Obama is most frequently seen in classic dark Ray-Ban Wayfarers however conjointly wears gold-tone aviators and appears excellent in narrower rimless island Jim Makaha dark glasses.

The sporty, clean, horizontal lines of elongated oval lenses look excellent on a protracted, unsubdivided face.

Oval face sunglasses

If you’re blessed with this classic form, the “medium” of faces, you’ll be able to flee with just about something. Many leading men — Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, and George Clooney to call many — have oval faces. If your face is slightly longer than it’s full with a gently incurvate chin, you, like these actors, have AN oval face.

You don’t need to worry regarding going massive and dwarfing your oval-shaped face, or going too tiny or too spherical or too geometric. AN oval is that the model those funky shades were engineered for. Bono, U2’s oval-faced beguiler, favours John Lennon-style tiny, spherical dark glasses in frolicsome colours.

Experiment with classic aviators, garment designs and vintage rounds till you discover a method — or many — that best fit your temperament.

Just bear in mind you’ll be able to lose those excellent proportions if you draw too way outside your lines. You’ll be able to destroy that symmetry with shades that reach too way on the far side the dimension of your face.

Oblong face

The rectangular face is doubly as long because it is full. Suppose mount Affleck, Bruce Dern, and Clint Eastwood. The best dark sunglasses for this face form ar ones that divide and balance that long, slender plane.

Michael Phelps incorporates a kind of rectangular unsubdivided face — a protracted, narrow, inverted triangle — and he loves flier dark sunglasses with argon on orange and blue reflector lenses, usually pairing his shades with a cap that visually shortens his long face.

As with the classic oval, oblongs will flee with outsized dark glasses. However there are many designs you may need to pass on: Avoid something that creates your face look longer than it’s, together with very slender or tiny spherical lenses and teardrop frames that draw the attention downward. You can’t get it wrong with classic rectangular frames just like the Wayfarer.

Because too full frames exaggerate the narrowness of your face, hunt for dark glasses that reach no over some millimetres on the far side of your hairline.

Determining your face form is a beautiful place to start once finding out your signature shades; however, your face is over its silhouette. There are your options to contemplate further. Sunglasses can mask your eyes, thus try and realize a method that flatters your nose further as your face form. If you have got around the nose, for instance, rectangular shapes might balance it higher.

The most vital factor is to search out a combination of shades that work each your face and your temperament. With such a lot of designs and colours to decide on from, don’t be afraid to venture a bit out of your usual depth.


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