Convergence insufficiency could be a condition during which your eyes are unable to figure along once gazing close objects. This condition causes one eye to show outward rather than inward with the opposite eye making double or blurred vision.

It is typically diagnosed in school-age kids and adolescents. It will cause problem reading, that oldsters or lecturers would possibly suspect the kid has learning difficulties instead of an eye fixed disorder.

Treatments square measure sometimes effective for convergence insufficiency.

Symptoms of Convergence insufficiency

Not everybody with convergence insufficiency has signs and symptoms. Signs and symptoms occur whereas you are reading or doing alternative shut work and would possibly include:

  • Tired, sore or uncomfortable eyes (eyestrain)
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty reading — words appear to float on the page, you lose your home otherwise you can slowly — which could cause you to avoid reading or not complete assignment
  • Double vision
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Squinting, rubbing or closing one eye

When to check a doctor

If you or your kid has symptoms of convergence insufficiency or issues reading, consult an eye fixed care skilled — associate degree specialist or associate degree oculist.

Causes of Convergence insufficiency

The reason behind convergence insufficiency is not identified; however, it involves a placement of the eyes once specializing in close objects. The placement involves the muscles that move the attention. Typically, one eye drifts outward once you are specializing in a word or object at shut vary.


Difficulties with reading and concentrating will affect a child’s learning. Convergence insufficiency doesn’t cause learning disabilities; however, it makes exploitation your eyes troublesome and wearing.

Convergence insufficiency usually is not detected in routine eye exams or school-based vision screenings. Reading difficulties of kids with the condition would possibly cause associate degree analysis for learning disabilities; however, it is vital to rule out this eye disorder.


People with convergence insufficiency might need otherwise traditional vision; therefore, it is vital to say reading or learning considerations to your eye care supplier. To diagnose convergence insufficiency, your specialist might:

  • Take an anamnesis. This would possibly embody questions on issues you’ve got with focusing, blurred or visual impairment, headaches, and symptoms.
  • Measure the close to the purpose of convergence (NPC). This check measures the gap from your eyes to wherever each eye will focus while not visual impairment. The examiner holds a tiny low target, like a written card or flashlight, ahead of you and slowly moves it nearer to you till either you’ve got visual impairment or the examiner sees an eye fixed drift outward.
  • Assess positive fusional vergence (PFV). Throughout this check, you are asked to scan letters on an eye fixed chart whereas exploring through prism lenses. The examiner can note once you begin to possess visual impairment.
  • Perform routine eye communication. If you’ve got the other vision issues, like myopia, your specialist would possibly conduct tests to assess the degree of the matter.


If convergence insufficiency is not inflicting symptoms, you typically would not like treatment. Except for folks with symptoms, treatment with eye-focusing exercises will increase the eyes’ convergence ability.

Treatment, which might occur within the workplace of a trained expert or at your home, would possibly include:

  • Pencil pushups during this exercise, you concentrate on a tiny low letter on the aspect of a pencil as you progress it nearer to the bridge of your nose, stopping as shortly as you misperceive. The exercise is usually finished quarter-hour every day, five or additional days every week.
  • Computer vision medical care Eye-focusing exercises square measure done on a pc exploitation software system designed to enhance convergence. you’ll be able to print the results to share with your specialist.
  • Reading glasses Glasses with constitutional prisms typically haven’t proved effective. If you’ve got another focusing or vision drawback, like not seeing thoroughly clean up (farsightedness), reading glasses would possibly facilitate. Recent studies indicate that office-based medical care with home reinforcement is that the best treatment for convergence insufficiency.

Home-based treatment with pencil pushups or pc programs isn’t as effective. however, home treatment prices less and is additional convenient and additional promptly out there. Treatment for convergence insufficiency would possibly take three months or longer.

Treatment will resolve convergence insufficiency; however, symptoms would possibly recur when sickness, when lack of sleep, or once you are doing a great deal of reading or alternative shut work. Discuss treatment choices together with your eye care skilled.


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