Conjunctiva Definition

Conjunctiva: The mucous membrane is that the bright, skinny membrane that covers a part of the front surface of the attention and also the inner surface of the eyelids.

Its Two Segments:

Bulbar mucous membrane: This portion of the mucous membrane covers the anterior a part of the sclerotic coat (The ”white” of the eye). The conjunctiva stops at the junction between the sclerotic skin and layer; it doesn’t cowl the cornea.

Palpebral mucous membrane: This portion covers the inner surface of each of the higher and lower eyelids. The neural structure and palpebral mucous membrane area unit continuous. This feature makes it not possible for lenses to urge lost behind your eye.

Conjunctiva function

The primary functions of the mucous membrane are:

  • Keep the front surface of the attention wet and greased.
  • Keep the inner surface of the eyelids moist and lubricated so that they open and shut while not

Friction or inflicting eye irritation.

  • Protect the attention of mud, rubbish, and infection-causing microorganisms. The mucous membrane has several tiny blood vessels that give nutrients to the attention and lids. It additionally contains specialized cells that secrete a part of the tear film to assist stop dry eye syndrome.

Conjunctiva problems

Several conditions will affect the mucous membrane. Among the additional usual mucosa issues are:

Conjunctivitis: Additionally referred to as pink eye, this is often inflammation of the mucous membrane. It will have many causes.

Conjunctival lividity: This is often associate in nursing unhealthy pale look to the palpebral mucous membrane, which will be a signal of anemia. It has injected mucous membranes. This is often red-eye caused by the dilation of blood vessels within the mucous membrane. It will have several causes.

Conjunctival cyst: This is often a thin-walled transparent sac within the mucous membrane that contains clear fluid. It resembles a little, clear blister on your skin. A mucosa cyst or sac will occur as a result of a watch infection, inflammation, or alternative causes.

Conjunctival hemorrhage: This is often trauma from a little vas on the front surface of the attention over the sclerotic coat. As a result of the leaky blood spreads out below the mucous membrane, it causes the white of the notice to seem bright red. Additional accurately referred to as a subconjunctival hemorrhage, this sort of red-eye is harmless and usually resolves on its own inside a few weeks.

Conjunctival malignant neoplastic disease: This is often a neoplasm of the front surface of the attention that typically seems as a salmon-pink patch. Mucosa lymphomas usually area unit hidden behind the eyelids and painless; thus, they’ll be a gift for quite it slow before they’re discovered — particularly in those who haven’t got routine comprehensive eye exams. If you’ve got a growth on your eye that resembles this description of a mucosa malignant neoplastic disease, right away see Associate in nursing specialist WHO will appraise it and maybe perform a diagnostic assay to work out the right treatment.

Conjunctival haemangioma: This is often a benign (noncancerous) neoplasm of small blood vessels that makes a red, bloody sac within the mucous membrane. Giant mucosa hemangioma is surgically removed if they irritate.

Conjunctiva defect: This is often a standard, benign growth within the conjunctiva. Mucosa nevi (plural of nevus) area unit the foremost typical growth that happens on the surface of the attention. A mucosa defect will point colour from yellow to dark brown and may darken or lighten with time. In most cases, no treatment is required for a mucosa defect; however, if a mistake is growing in size, it is surgically removed.

Conjunctival skin cancer: Conjunctivitis is often associated with nursing elevated, dark, or comparatively bright cancerous growth within the conjunctiva. Mucosa melanomas area unit was uncommon, however doubtless deadly. The killer cells from mucosa skin cancer can infiltrate the eyeball and unfold via the systema lymphaticum or blood to the lungs, liver, brain, and bones.

In some cases, a mucosa can arise from a benign mucosa defect. To be safe, if you notice any style of growth or dark spot on your eye or Associate in a unique nursing look to your mucous membrane, see your specialist right away for Associate in the nursing analysis.


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